Lester Spence on "Policing for Profit" in Baltimore, Maryland

 In my next book, Race and Taxes in 21st Century Amerika, I hope to convince black scholars to distinguish between neoconservatism and neoliberalism. The distinctions are real and important. Ignoring it leads to bad strategy, in my opinion. As much as I respect Professor Pence, Irving Kristol's neocons are responsible largely responsible for creating and implementing Starve the Beast as national tax policy, which has led to the budget deficits and restructuring of government Professor Pence speaks. Starving the Beast created the Black Lives Matter Movement. 

While neoliberals don't give a damn about whether black folks live or die, neocons are trying to kill us. Policing for profit, for example, is racist and regressive taxation, it is neoconservative in nature. Neoliberals will favor it only so long as it doesn't exceed the cost of lawsuits and raise their taxes. Neocons will pay even that price.  
- Andre L. Smith

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